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SuperSaaS review– good online appointment system with old habits

As you probably know, the SaaS stands for software as a service. SuperSaaS.com is an appointment scheduling software (as a service) that captured my attention by many languages it supports. SuperSaas also offers WordPress plug-ins, which is a nice bonus for WordPress users like myself.

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The site doesn’t look very modern to me, and it’s quite bland, frankly. The functions seem promising, though.

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You can try a demo of the booking right away, very nice. But again, the looks?

9-7-2011 19-54-15

Hands down, this is the most complicated pricing plan I have seen. Why is it so difficult. How am I supposed to know how many upcoming appointments will I need. I really do not like this.

Registration went OK, SuperSaaS doesn’t need you to fill redundant detail, although it does ask you whether you are an individual or a company.

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Unlike Appointment-Plus, Supersaas has all the countries listed. Good.

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After you finish your registration, you are welcomed by an empty dashboard. The interface seems somehow “work-in-progress” looking, as if it was not yet ready for users. The options are usually described in detail, but you really need to read, read and read to make any sense of it and find the right link.

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You can customize almost anything. But first you need to create the calendars, timetables, users, policies… Because of the versatility and lack of templates, you will need quite some time to set it all up. But that may be a good thing, if you like things just the way you want them.

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SuperSaaS Rating

SuperSaas may look a bit old-fashioned at first but provides you with great set of features. The setting up may be tedious but the result is fine from the perspective of your customer. You can customize all the messages and synchronize your appointments with Outlook or Google Calendar (have not tried yet). The GUI is sometimes counter-intuitive and you have to read a bit, but that may be the price you pay for complete customization, I guess.


Review of BookFresh.com on-line scheduling system

One of the booking systems that looked fairly promising at first. BookFresh.com, formerly known as HourTown, has nice clean homepage and seems to offer handful of features.

Price – not so good

The first warning was the pricing. There really are not many good options. Or not many options at all. The free plan offers only three (3!) bookings each month, which really barely allows you to test the website. So I signed up for the 30 day free trial to test the system out. I am not planning to keep my subscription, though.


Even the process of sign-up is quite cumbersome, the system forces you to choose way too many details that aren’t really that helpful or necessary. bookfresh3

System – quite specific but useable

Once you are in, you are greeted with a dashboard of sorts. This is a common breaking point for me. The site failed to provide me with clear set of options, a wizard or a guide would be appreciated.


What is nice for some companies (like hair dressers, perhaps) is that BookFresh focuses on the services you offer. This, however, will not be a solution for everybody. I certainly don’t see why you are not allowed to change policies at will.


The widgets to embed on your website (yep, need a website) are nicely designed and you can tweak them. What you can not do, however, is to let users register, pay in advance or work with their appointments later on.


Conclusion – few options

I think that “few options” summarizes this system well. There are few pricing plans, few ways to implement this system and only few real-life applications.


Unless you happen to like this system and being sure of not needing anything else, I recommend trying some other on-line scheduling systems for your website first.