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SuperSaaS review– good online appointment system with old habits

As you probably know, the SaaS stands for software as a service. SuperSaaS.com is an appointment scheduling software (as a service) that captured my attention by many languages it supports. SuperSaas also offers WordPress plug-ins, which is a nice bonus for WordPress users like myself.

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The site doesn’t look very modern to me, and it’s quite bland, frankly. The functions seem promising, though.

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You can try a demo of the booking right away, very nice. But again, the looks?

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Hands down, this is the most complicated pricing plan I have seen. Why is it so difficult. How am I supposed to know how many upcoming appointments will I need. I really do not like this.

Registration went OK, SuperSaaS doesn’t need you to fill redundant detail, although it does ask you whether you are an individual or a company.

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Unlike Appointment-Plus, Supersaas has all the countries listed. Good.

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After you finish your registration, you are welcomed by an empty dashboard. The interface seems somehow “work-in-progress” looking, as if it was not yet ready for users. The options are usually described in detail, but you really need to read, read and read to make any sense of it and find the right link.

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You can customize almost anything. But first you need to create the calendars, timetables, users, policies… Because of the versatility and lack of templates, you will need quite some time to set it all up. But that may be a good thing, if you like things just the way you want them.

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SuperSaaS Rating

SuperSaas may look a bit old-fashioned at first but provides you with great set of features. The setting up may be tedious but the result is fine from the perspective of your customer. You can customize all the messages and synchronize your appointments with Outlook or Google Calendar (have not tried yet). The GUI is sometimes counter-intuitive and you have to read a bit, but that may be the price you pay for complete customization, I guess.


On-line payments inside your appointment software

Some businesses, such as hair dressers, need only a simple tool to keep track of upcoming appointments, and take care of payments once the customer is in their hands, so to speak.

Others, however, need to make sure that the appointment is valid, that it is meant seriously, that the customer is committing. If someone books a room in your hotel and never arrives, you lose money. That is why you need a tool that combines booking system on-line with payments on-line.

Fortunately, there are ways to combine these two. Or, rather, you can get an on-line appointment software that offers on-line payments as a feature. You want to look for on-line reservation solution with integrated on-line payments: PayPal, Credit cards etc.

Make sure that you choose a system that supports all the major payment methods your customers prefers.  Don’t rely just on one way of payment, especially if your customers are not used to it. Offer the type of payment you know your customers are comfortable using. You will save them, and yourself, a lot of hassle, and your calendar will fill with appointments, while your account will fill with money at the same time.

Examples of using modern online appointment scheduling system

In our mind, booking is generally connected with hotels or restaurants. Reservation and appointment systems, however, have much wider application than that. Basicaly any business that deals with clients, meetings, sessions or equipment might benefit greatly from implementing a modern on-line scheduling system.

As obvious from this comprehensive list, some booking systems really are tailored for diverse needs. Here are some examples:

  • Beauty salon, Hair dresser or Nail salon: the advantage of an on-line booking tool is obvious. The staff can spend less time on the phone with clients and more time actually attending clients. Thanks to on-line reservations and automagical synchronizing, the timetable is always up-to-date. What’s better, the software is so easy-to-use it doesn’t even feel like software, so even older ladies can set appointment with their hairdresser on-line.
  • Car rental, Bike rental – another example altogether are businesses that rent various equipment. Again, the same car cannot be booked by different parties at the same time, and the scheduling system will see to it. Even better, the customer can pay for their rental on-line in advance, which is a great help for the business. Some systems allow payments through various means without any extra charge or implementation costs. Few years ago, only large businesses like Amazon could afford easy on-line payments, now a small company can do it, too.
  • Hotels, Restaurants– it is easy to see the advantage of on-line booking for hotels. Frankly, we can hardly think of any other way to book a hotel. But many restaurants still rely on calls from customers or other means, wasting time on phone call or other resources. Time that could be spent making customers who already are there to feel welcome and satisfied.

Why to buy an on-line booking system?

Have you ever missed an appointment with a client because of a misunderstanding? Have you ever spent too much time setting your sessions, wondering if there is a better way? Would you like to have everything in one place, one calendar? In that case, an online appointment system is probably something you should look into.

On-line booking system combines all the tools you are familiar with into one useful, easily available product. E-mail, phone bookings, Google Calendar, Outlook, printed timetables, on-line payments and booking by a single click on your own webpage are all combined together in a powerfully pack.

Why buying instead of using a free solution?

There are many free solution to on-line booking integration. And, frankly, if you are a programmer who enjoys implementing new code into your webpage, they are probably good enough for you. But if you are more like me (or majority of people) you don’t really want to spend a lot of time implementing something that will need your constant attention and tweaking.

On-line booking system can basically provide you with ready-to-go solutions just for you. You pay for the convenience, reliability and support. If your business relies on customer satisfaction, you need invest few dollars to make things run smoothly. For the same reason, I use paid-plan versions of services when it comes to my business – I know that they will pay off. Usually very soon. Plus – you have more time for your clients and for yourself.