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Secure payments through booking system

Since my credit card got falsely charged by a vendor in Texas last week, I am much more cautious as to where do I share my credit card number. And this is a common sense – we don’t want to say the number of our credit card out loud over the phone, or send in some e-mail.

That is yet another reason for businesses to employ an online booking system┬áthat allows for secure online payments. The customers are happy because they know that the payment will be as secure as the web allows. And you will be happy, because you don’t need to worry about the details of the payment, you just need to know it arrived.


On-line payments inside your appointment software

Some businesses, such as hair dressers, need only a simple tool to keep track of upcoming appointments, and take care of payments once the customer is in their hands, so to speak.

Others, however, need to make sure that the appointment is valid, that it is meant seriously, that the customer is committing. If someone books a room in your hotel and never arrives, you lose money. That is why you need a tool that combines booking system on-line with payments on-line.

Fortunately, there are ways to combine these two. Or, rather, you can get an on-line appointment software that offers on-line payments as a feature. You want to look for on-line reservation solution with integrated on-line payments: PayPal, Credit cards etc.

Make sure that you choose a system that supports all the major payment methods your customers prefers.  Don’t rely just on one way of payment, especially if your customers are not used to it. Offer the type of payment you know your customers are comfortable using. You will save them, and yourself, a lot of hassle, and your calendar will fill with appointments, while your account will fill with money at the same time.