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Genbook review – only for America, few features

Genbook.com is very nice on the outside. Graphics are nice and price is not too bad (no free plan, unfortunately). The site looks attractive and inviting.

21-6-2011 9-24-25

There are only two price plans for this booking system. I find it very restrictive to allow only one operator with the cheaper version, but I guess that is how they make more money so it makes sense (for them). Other features seem nice, only this booking system only gives you a button, so you won’t be able to embed the booking in your own website. Some will be OK with that, some want more.

21-6-2011 9-31-14

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Registration – only for US and Canada

21-6-2011 10-03-12Unfortunately, Genbook is available only for US and Canada. This is a major disadvantage for many businesses from around the world,  and certainly for me. But I guess that even if I lived in the US and could call their support regularly, this would still be somewhat less desirable option, because you can’t embed…

Anyway, let’s go on with our registration.

21-6-2011 9-46-3321-6-2011 9-49-47

Inside the system – tidy, but few options

The insides of the system is easily understood, at least when it comes to the calendar. The appointment scheduling is easy, but could be better. Payments are not done very well, but couldn’t actually try it. Suffice to say that spelling out your credit card information over the phone is not the way to go.

See the comments in the screenshots for more details.

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Genbook Rating

Genbook has nice look but lacks some features, like embedding the calendar, offers just a button. It is probably usable if you don’t mind these complications. The price is average, if you have more than one person of you staff, you will need to buy the more expensive plan. No free plan available.