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Tymwise.com review – looks nice, but is using flash everywhere

20-6-2011 23-19-08Tymwise.com, an Australian reservation system, looked promising. The homepage advertised 30 day free trial and a phone number to Australia.

The prices seem average for appointment managing system, and the features looked quite good. I would encourage them to go in further details in describing what the features actually mean. Some features were a nice surprise (SMS), you don’t see that every day.

I was thrown off by the lack of current information, the website just looked as if nobody maintains it. Not a good sign, but it turns out it is just an oversight, the system itself is working. They even have an app for iPhone (did not try).

20-6-2011 23-25-21


This was probably the most tedious registration yet. Why do I need to go through so many steps? Why do you need some of the information? You are probably just supposed to overcome your suspicions and move on.

20-6-2011 23-32-3220-6-2011 23-35-0720-6-2011 23-36-3320-6-2011 23-37-4020-6-2011 23-37-5220-6-2011 23-38-0420-6-2011 23-38-1420-6-2011 23-38-3320-6-2011 23-39-00Wow, that was long.

Using flash for everything 😦

Well, this is a deal breaker for me. Tymwise.com uses flash for just about the whole system. Even though this can have some advantages in the short run, I despise all such apps that fail to employ more usable technologies. Tymwise.com is not the on-line booking system for me and my customers. I will keep looking.

Here are some screenshots, for those, who can put up with Flash everywhere.

20-6-2011 23-40-2820-6-2011 23-41-0920-6-2011 23-41-3820-6-2011 23-42-0420-6-2011 23-42-2620-6-2011 23-49-12

Tymwise rating

Because of using Flash and only giving you buttons, Tymwise is not an option for me or anyone who wants to work from anywhere. Extra star for OK set of features.