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Appointment-Plus – review of the on-line booking system

At first, Appointment Plus seemed like a very good option. The graphics looks a bit outdated, like eBay from eight years ago, but the references and quotes from the customers are a nice touch. I really liked that there is specific page for different areas and categories (spa, photography, doctors, nail salon etc.), even though the text is often just copied.


I was disappointed not to see the list of features anywhere on the site. Sure, there is the video tutorial, but that only answered some questions. Seems like I will have to try this system out to see if it fits.

The prices are nothing surprising. There is some list of features there, too. 15 days of free usage is all what you get, as opposed to 30-day trial that seems to be common among on-line reservation systems.



The good thing is that you can select the category of your business and the resulting experience is a bit better than if you have to figure out everything by yourself.


Why do I have to give you my phone number?appoint-plus4

Yes, this is what I was talking about – Setup Wizard that knows your area of business (in this case – Photography) and fills out the default options accordingly. Not all of them, but it helps.appoint-plus5

Inside – disappointing user interface

So far, Appointment Plus was one of the better on-line reservation systems. But the admin page (and most of the pages inside) were  a big disappointment. All the forms were not interactive, the buttons were small and the interface counter-intuitive.


Yes, there are tutorials, and even a living person, to help you. But I would much prefer a system that is so easy to use that I don’t need the help every few minutes.appoint-plus7

See the calendars? Not really something to write home about, is it?appoint-plus8appoint-plus9appoint-plus10appoint-plus11

Appointment-Plus rating

Appointment Plus has good set of features but is very outdated system. The segmentation is good and support seems good (have not tried).