Comparison of Online Appointment Scheduling Systems

This site aims to compare various on-line booking systems that allow businesses to schedule appointments with their customers easily. See the About page for more.

These are the systems reviewed. See more on-line booking systems reviews. The order is my humble attempt to rate the booking management systems in terms of general usability and usefulness. Your impressions may vary. Read the full reviews for details.

Reservio online booking for free

If your business revolves around services for your customer, you will love this system we have been actively helping to develop. Simple, elegant, efficient and for free for moderate usage. Simply try it at

SuperSaaS review

SuperSaas may look a bit old-fashioned at first but provides you with great set of features. The setting up may be tedious but the result is fine from the perspective of your customer. You can customize all the messages and synchronize your appointments with Outlook or Google Calendar (have not tried yet). The GUI is sometimes counter-intuitive and you have to read a bit, but that may be the price you pay for complete customization, I guess.

Appointment-plus review

Appointment Plus has good set of features but is very outdated system. The segmentation is good and support seems good (have not tried).

Bookfresh review is a system simple enough to understand, but the lack of features renders it unusable for expert users. Not too many features but might be enough.

OpenCal review understandable with nice set of features. The guide for beginners was somewhat helpful, but a bit confusing. Again, only buttons, no embedded. Nice design, so three stars overall, but check other systems before signing up for this one. Luckily, you can try it out for free if you have time.

Genbook review

Genbook has nice look but lacks some features, like embedding the calendar, offers just a button. It is probably usable if you don’t mind these complications. The price is average; if you have more than one person of you staff, you will need to buy the more expensive plan. No free plan available.

Tymwise review

Because of using Flash and only giving you buttons, Tymwise is not an option for me or anyone who wants to work from anywhere. Extra star for OK set of features.



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