GetTimely–good start, still not perfect, looks not much used

I recently stumbled upon this new on-line booking system – According to their blog, they started just few months ago but the founders claim to have over 10 years of experience with booking systems. Let’s see if that shows in the final product.

1-8-2012 10-55-351-8-2012 10-56-02

The homepage looks nice and clean (maybe a bit too much text and too many columns, but way above average), prices are a bit steeper than expected. What they offer for $19/month is not hard to find for free. Still, so far so good.

1-8-2012 10-57-051-8-2012 10-56-45

During sign-up I felt I need to fill in too much – it is a minor complaint, granted, but who wants to be stopped and returned to the form (and fill the password again) just to add their time-zone, especially since the country has only one time-zone? Ridiculous. But again, that is only a minor, fixable detail.


1-8-2012 10-58-571-8-2012 10-57-541-8-2012 10-58-161-8-2012 10-58-30

Sadly, this trend continues throughout the system. You are always asked to fill in more than you want. You are constantly stopped because you didn’t fill-in enough information. It is my reservation, for Pete’s sake! I want to fill in what I want to fill in, right?

1-8-2012 11-01-16


The calendar looks nice, useful and clean. Too bad it suffers from the same mistake (or unfortunate feature) as other booking systems do: it asks you every single time weather the time you are booking is a booking indeed or an “busy time”.

1-8-2012 11-02-27

Personally, to me this is almost a deal-breaker. I understand why they did it, but it never stops annoying me. The other complaints are minor: settings too complex and non-intuitively structured (again, it is hard), wizard so-so, opening hours not as flexible as one might like.

1-8-2012 11-03-231-8-2012 11-03-301-8-2012 11-04-041-8-2012 11-04-151-8-2012 11-04-351-8-2012 11-04-481-8-2012 11-04-591-8-2012 11-05-081-8-2012 11-05-171-8-2012 11-05-441-8-2012 11-05-551-8-2012 11-06-141-8-2012 11-06-231-8-2012 11-06-47

Lastly, it seems that after few months, GetTimely has les than a hundred users, which to me would be a warning flag. But again, everybody has to start somewhere. Maybe in few months GetTimely might be decent option. Right now it is just another booking system, nice design but annoying bugs/features.

1-8-2012 11-08-36


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