Synchronizing customers’ appointments with your Outlook

Welcome, Microsoft Outlook users. This little article is just for you. You are used to have all your appointments in one place, and are distressed by the prospect of having to check two or more apps for your daily schedule. But don’t worry. Some of the best on-line scheduling systems keep that in mind and allow you to synchronize the appointments customers input on-line with your personal Outlook Calendar.

  • Sester – on-line appointment scheduling allows synchronization with Outlook and iCal
  • TimeTrade – seems they are offering the same, have not tried yet

The synchronization with Microsoft Outlook calendar can be done through MS Exchange, or iCalendar open standard. Note that the price of Outlook is (obviously) not included in the price of the online booking system. Some systems will force you to download their desktop software (or software from other company) to watch for new appointments and keep you up to date. New Outlook (2010) has options to subscribe to on-line calendars, too. Last but not least, you can simplify things through Google Calendar.


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