Watch out for outdated booking solutions

When researching the various on-line booking systems available, I encountered quite few of them that are plain wrong for anybody, really. Sure,  few years ago they might have been the state-of-the-art solutions, but they failed to adapt. And why pay the same price for an outdated model?

You can first notice these by their design. I don’t mind nostalgia, but I’m sure my customers will not be impressed by forms that were put together in 1995 and never changed since. No interaction, every page has to be sent to the server before you can proceed. This really slows things down both for you and for the visitor.

And it is not just the graphics. There is no synchronizingwith on-line calendars like Google Calendar, no web integration, no wordpress plug-in, no wysiwyg editors, no advanced options, no payments. It seems as if the creators gave up on adding new features and basically just keep the whole thing more or less running. Do avoid these.

In search of better system, I created this weblog. I hope that it will help me find an excellent solution, and that it will be useful for people who are looking for the same.


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